Shown here in the photo is the Wichita Falls Southwest Rotary Club President Elect, Todd Harris with, Nancy Shiplet (Arts Council development coordinator and Kristen Scott(Arts Council Admin Assistant.
Kristen Shipleat and Nancy Scott of the Arts Council of Wichita Falls spoke at our noon meeting Monday, July 25th about the mission of the council and the programs they offer.
The mission of the Arts Council...
Simply stated, the council provides arts education programing for the Wichita Falls Community
The Arts Council offers several programs to help accomplish its mission including the following free programs:
  • the Artzeum Art Exhibit
  • Hot Shop Teen Glass
  • Distance Learning
  • Studio Saturday
  • Virtual Tours of art exhibits
  • Arts in Transition program for the Wichita Falls jail inmates.
  • Camp on the go programs
  • Galleries for local artists
  • Sound Garden (at Lucy Park)
  • Cowboy True art exhibit
  • Mystery Art
For a full description of the above programs and their subsidized paid exhibits click here.