The Wichita Falls Southwest Rotary club to start a Restaurant of the Month program to recognize local establishments favored by its members.
President Steve Haviland asked all of the members to write the name of their favorite restaurant on a piece of paper. The idea was that the restaurant with the most mentions would be our first Restaurant of the Month. As it turns out, we’re a diverse group and there was no clear favorite. Apparently, we’ll eat most anything.
We had several votes of 2 and several 1’s so we are just going to work our way eating across town. Here’s how it works. Each month, we’ll choose a restaurant and send the restaurant a letter to tell them they are our Restaurant of the Month and our members will plan to eat there at some point during the month. This would also be a great way for a mini social event. Let your club mates know when you plan to go and invite them to come along. Even better if you wear a Rotary shirt!
Our Restaurant of the Month for August is HIGHLANDER. I’ll kick off the mini-social with an invitation to meet at 11:30 on Friday, August 19. If you would like to come, send an email or post to the FB page. That’s just so I know how big a table to ask for. If that isn’t a good date for you—go anytime during August.