I gave thanks this week for family, friends and the communities that welcome me, including you, my readers. God bless you and yours for these holidays. Please email me with ways volunteers can and do serve our community.
Monday’s speaker at Southwest Rotary was McLean McGregor, Foreign Service Officer with the US State Department and 2001 Old High graduate, sharing insights from the “opportunity to be part of something bigger than what you can do on your own.” From his experiences, “Americans’ care about individuals is unique.”  His stories highlight for me how blessed our country is when a citizen’s vocation is in service to one another.  McGregor’s wife, with Dutch and US dual citizenship, introduced him to the State Department, where both serve in the executive branch of our government.
US policy makers rely upon career state department staff for the knowledge, situational awareness and available options when interacting with other world leaders. This allows the executive branch to implement strategy as the people’s elected leadership, McLean shared career experiences learned from five different jobs over the last several years. He found each job challenging with the opportunity to develop new skills.  He shared the range of emotions as a leader of Operations Center Watch Office serving 24x7 in support of the Secretary of State and key executives. Normal communications and as “911 Service Center,” connecting leaders in stressful situations addressing urgent situations.
Imagine doing 10 nice things for another, then they do 10 nice things for another and so on.  It isn’t hard to do the first one.  If you have great recipes for leftover turkey share with your best friends. Or just call a friend you haven’t heard from and wish them a Happy Day.
Want to Volunteer or need Volunteers? Facebook.com/groups/servewichitafalls connects over 500 people wanting to volunteer with opportunities to serve our community.  If you are a non-profit looking for volunteers, post your volunteer opportunity, please note if “family friendly.” Volunteers step up, the community needs surge with colder weather and holidays for some become more stressful – help where you can to make a difference.
I need Volunteers for MSU’s Burns Fantasy of Lights – Fri Dec 22nd   and Sat Dec 23rd  5:45 – 9pm – hold a boot, collect donations to keep the lights on!! email mrb@newcollarcoach.com
Free Ukraine, Peace in the Middle East and Worldwide.