Introduced by Darrell Hobbs, Courtney Killian is a Camp Gladiator Personal Trainer.
Air Force veteran, pilot, mom with 4 boys and one girl!  Happy franchise owner and personal trainer at Camp Gladiator in Wichita Falls.  Grew up in Bellville, TX played every sport there was in school. Joined ROTC as graduated from high school and started college.  Met husband in Air Force and both served at Sheppard AFB before moving back to SAFB in 2017.  Her husband continues in the USAF Reserves.  Courtney is also a Personal Trainer.
Courtney is a certified Zumba trainer. Courtney has also been a a Personal Trainer for 20 years.  As a Personal Trainer, Courtney plans a 50-minute workout for the whole body specialized in consideration of health issues and needs, e.g. bad knee, bad back, high blood pressure. 
PT is “PE for adults”, Camp Gladiator is to have fun as part of a community. Camp Gladiator started in Dallas and today is in 3500 locations.
Camp Gladiator runs in a 4-week cycle with 4 local trainers currently supporting 150 members in our area.  Workouts are daily except Sundays from 4:45 am to 6:30 pm at multiple locations (Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Iowa Park, Holliday). 
Participants bring a fitness mat, dumbbells, and water! 
  • Week 1:  Work range of activities – Forward, Latteral, Reverse
  • Week 2:  Develop Cardio and Vascular endurance with barbell (higher weight, less reps)
  • Week 3:  Short burst of activities to elevate heart rate
  • Week 4:  Peak week – put it all together!
Repeat for successive 4-week periods.
Here is an example Saturday FREE community event held 12/2 – check Facebook page for other similar events.