With the COVID economic impact, area residents need the food bank more than ever. Over 55,000 people were served in the month of Mar. Last year's demand for 37,000 lbs of food has risen to over 100,000 lbs this year!

How can you help? 

  • ADVOCATE - Make your friends aware of the great job done by WF Area Food Bank. They serve an area the size of Massachusetts as the collection and distribution center for 160 agencies in 12 counties and delivered over 3 million pounds of food in 2019, including almost 800,000 pounds of healthy produce.
  • EDUCATE - COVID conditions have increased need from traditional levels where 1 in 4 children and 1 in 6 adults are FOOD INSECURE!
  • VOLUNTEER - Volunteers are needed as traditional sources of volunteer are not available under today's COVID conditions. 
  • DONATE - Money is needed to purchase food. As we order more groceries online the Food Supply chain is becoming more efficient with less "off prime" food being donated.